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Buy plenty of free things on this website. We offer many products or enable you to exchange with other people.

Local deals

Whether it’s local daily deals or freebies only available in specific parts of the UK – you’ll find some awesome offers listed below. Just keep your fingers crossed they are available in your postcode!

Recycling sites

There are brilliant recycling sites such as Free Cycle where members of the public can advertise their old and unwanted goods! They are free to join and free to advertise and all goods listed are free! Just about anything you can think of - you can get for free! You'll be amazed!

You can grab some fab free stuff from sites like these! From cars to furniture, from computer parts to gardening equipment! The sky's the limit! While you're browsing, why not advertise some of your own free unwanted clutter! This is a great way to save money as well as going a long way to help the environment!

Trading cars

We offer the chance to sell, buy and exchange cars. Situated in Somerset we are privileged to be able to offer a large selection of low mileage quality used cars for import to the UK at very attractive prices. Browse our stock list and view the details and specifications of each pre-owned vehicle. 

If you wish us to sell your car on a commission basis it can be included in our sister site and made visible to a large number of clients.  We also purchase cars and specialise in prestige and exotic brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Range Rover, Jaguar, MGF, and Audi,  although all makes will be considered.

Trade enquiries are also always welcome. Take advantage of our resources to underwrite or source desirable stock for your customers’ base.

Sell and exchange cars locally

Village Cat offers a service of buying and selling cars. Take a look at their site to see local bargains on cars, property and much more.

When rebuilding a vintage or classic motorcycle or car, inevitably problems are encountered which require engineered solutions. Many engineers have both the expertise and the facilities to help you with most problems you will encounter. They can produce precision components to replace worn or damaged ones, and can make obsolete parts in the original finish, or in stainless steel if required.

Bolt Sets

The difference between a fairly ordinary rebuild and something special is in the detail, and engineers are surprised by the amount of bikes they see which are let down by something as simple as fasteners. The two options which most people consider when deciding what to do about tatty engine bolts are replating, or buying new from a supplier of fasteners.


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